the space you've found

The Morning Code Release 2nd Full Length Studio Album - The Space You've Found

October 1st, 2013 - New York, NY -The Morning Code’s second full-length release, The Space You’ve Found, is an alternative tour de force that thoughtfully demonstrates the power and range of the Brooklyn-based modern rock innovators. Entirely self-produced in their Dumbo studio – a converted warehouse basement they share with indie legends Interpol – the album showcases the strides the band has taken since the Tell Someone EP that launched them to Austin, TX for South by Southwest 2012.

Though abound with potential singles, The Space You’ve Found is a complex odyssey of heart and head designed to be experienced as a whole. Themes of ego, isolation and rebirth are explored through a poetic blend of introspection and veiled social commentary. Singer/songwriter Ashwin Alexander’s method deliberately allows for interpretation, and throughout, his meticulous production adds depth and dimension without distorting or distracting.

Leveraging the band’s trademark ability to develop rich textures, opening track “The Cliff” aptly portends the album’s larger emotional goals before abruptly passing the baton to “Young Blood”, the first of four readily accessible up-tempo tracks (which also include lead single candidate “Progress”, shoegaze heavyweight “Worm” and the rhythm-centric “Breach”).

Euphoric lead single “Stay With Me” introduces the album’s ‘Step’ concept, a subset of four electronic songs – including the dramatic closer – that combine programmed samples with traditional instrumentals to produce a truly novel sound that is shimmering and refined yet surprisingly human.

However, not until the emotive melodies and layered arrangements of “Start Again” and “Portrait of a Wall” does the band start to showcase its greatest strengths. Aided by drummer Doug Parsons’ characteristic blend of aggression and nuance, the album-long search for resolve reaches a fever pitch with the penultimate track, “Welcome Me”, a somber art-rock masterpiece that is sure to become a fan favorite.

Formed in 2007, The Morning Code regularly plays New York’s most popular rock clubs and looks forward to expanding its horizons even farther in support of The Space You’ve Found. Fans are cautioned to check their expectations at the door, though, as the band’s live show is known to trade careful thought for raw energy. “The album is done, but the creative process is never complete,” Parsons explains. “We’re just eager to get back on stage, attack these songs from a fresh perspective, and create something entirely new.”