the space you've found - lyrics

1. The Cliff

Take me to the smoking gun and,
The time where we had space to live I,
Don't need much to keep me young just,
A touch of fear and love to give

The things we thought would never come have,
Now become our final straw just,
Take my hand and live with me we'll,
Move as far as our eyes can see


Everything you've told me has been a house of cards
Do you remember who you fucking are?


I wish I knew where the road once was I,
Wish I'd never found that gun
I wish my dreams could reach the sun I,
Would climb up high and love that burn

Don't break and fix me
Just love and heal me
This planet wants to serve you again

My need is strong as,
My will is weak man,
I won't be stopped
I'm a train gone off the rails

I'm still here still here and you're still gone
You'll always be my rising sun just,
Take my hand and stay with me we'll,
Walk as far as our eyes can see

(Chorus x2)

2. Young Blood

In the day it beats me up but I'm on my feet again
I must be meant for something more but I feed the beast again
Is there just a place just a tiny place for me to hide
Yes I do I fight for you watch I'll fight till I die

As mountains crash this empire falls
As I watch the blade crawl, I see you there with open arms
From this height its a suicidal fall
But I say fuck it all, the universe is cold and I'm so…

Bit by bit I'm dying slow now I'm loaded, locked, and numb
Street by street I'm taking this is right where I belong
Don't move stay right there don't move I got you where I want
Look at me I'm history don't they say the best die young?

Don't they say it!


3. Progress

When you swing my way it makes me feel I'm circling the drain
Walk away, this is how I am
I live alone in a shell of a place I call a home
Step away, this is how I am

I seem to do my best when I'm falling down
This is a taste of what's to come
The calm before the storm
Yea kiss me as I lay in the grass

Today was good things seems clear now as they should
Step away, this is how I am
As clear rain thoughts pour out and into the drain
Write this down, remember who I am


I lay in the grass with nothing on my mind
But the distance we've come and the rest we'll never find
Just tell me a secret or you can read between the lines
This world has been great and we'll be just fine (x4)

4. Step I - Speak

Wake up and make my bed
I don't know what to say anymore
It seems like we're losing touch
Things changed fast and they changed so much

Summer is closing in
The grass is warm and we can build a home
Your patience is wearing thin
I made you wait too long now you can't let me in

5. A New Mission

Don't forget to shake me back awake
This dream repeats and it never seems to end
I'm done my job, done my work like a man
It didn't work, could you tell me who I am?


Will you take me back?
I'm a broken man
Take me back as I am

I tried way too hard
Could they take anymore from me?
My legs and arms were fed to the dogs
This body's no temple, you see?
I think it's time to quit, yea I'm chomping at the bit
To erase, this side of me


Now I fade away
This is the best way out
Now I fade


7. Worm

I do, I do, I do everything you ask
But you, but you, but you never seem to give a damn
Take me to the river where the water springs
Drown over and over till I can't feel anything


I want to live under the ground
Where you can't see me
I want to live under the ground
Where you don't know who I am
I want to hear you say the words
That you don't know anything
I want to hear you say the words
That you never really understood

Don't forget to tell me that I'm doing well
Can't you see the changes that are possible
Take me to the garden where the flowers spring
Drown over and over till I can't feel anything

(Chorus) x 2

8. Breach

Up to my teeth in salt water, I've played my hand
Norman fights for peace all across this land
Give me my contract, give me my right to arm
Give me my final meal man, and lay me down


Because you keep on pushing with this sound
That's in your head pounding let, let me out
You see you've got to move past this place
So let me out and let, let me down

I know that you're the best, the best we've ever seen
But give it up man, I'm the one you need
You're just a big fat silly man, don't make a sound
Yea this is touch and go don't me mad, don't make me mad now


(Outro) x 3:

Yea no hard feelings, say goodbye
No more talking say goodbye
Your life is yours and mine is mine
Nobody hear is satisfied

9. Step III - Stay With Me

Stay with me

10. Start Again

How did you get up so high?
You're way beyond your means
But I think that I might be a little bit jealous

Of your sound, of the space you've found
All for yourself where there's no one around, but you,
Knowing you'll never get in

But it feels like you were running from me
And it feels like you had your excuses to leave
And I'm down

Things have changed since we first got engaged
You've forgotten who the man is here
And I've never, never really wanted to quit so much
How is it that I'm the one who fails in your eyes?
Call it a sick surprise and wave goodbye

But it feels like you were running from me
And it feels like you had your excuses to leave
This is done, this is over, over and gone gone gone
It was sweet, and its so clear now, its me
Baby I'm down

I am so free (repeat)
And I'm down

11. Portrait of a Wall

Now that I am all alone I have my mind to myself
Ride the wave into a place where my thoughts could live

Now that I have cleansed myself would you come with me?
My head is like a room of kids playing games on me

As she spoke she looked down (x3)

I'm sitting here and staring out like I've dropped from space
These kisses taste like dying skin but its more than I can take

As she spoke she looked down (x3)

And I'll stay
And I'll stay this way
And I'll draw my own conclusions
And seek my own advice
Never watch the others holding hands
Until the day we die (x2)

12. Unfound

Sometimes I feel the need
To wipe my conscience clean
And make myself unfound
It's just me and the walls
With no time to talk
When I am unfound


Just let me scream
I swear I'll be ok
I've checked out for the day
I'm on my knees
Staring at the light
It's right before my eyes (x2)

What lovely circumstance
My idle hands have been given a chance to close around you
By the time this line is done
Most of us will all be gone, happy and unfound


13. Welcome Me

I came to see the face of an unmade man
On his knees, taken by the small things
That seem to always run and hide
But we see they'll surely return
And as my breath moves in and out we're sure to see

It's all in your hands
So bold and clear now its writ on your face
Just let me see that we're all the same

Just welcome me
And love me like my childhood home
There are no memories here of laughing, drinking, screaming and watching us grow
This place is oh so dead and new
We see the city stays young
And all the hope is flooding the street
The young and old

It's all in your hands (so bold and clear now)
It's writ on your face (cry our these tears now)
It's all in your hands
Let me see that we're all the same

Sugar cane town how could I taste you?
Only the cracking skin can lead me to you

Pull me out, pull met out, back to my shaded love (x5)

14. Step IV - Say Goodbye

Speak to me
And stay with me
No need to wait
Just say goodbye